Thursday, December 11, 2003

For those of you just reading this post alone, go to the main blog page and you'll see a fleshed out explanation of this post.

It's official: I'm withdrawing my support from John Kerry. No, I'm not running to Dean. If I support anyone at this point, it will be Clark or Gephardt. I still have a tremendous amount of respect for John Kerry and believe him to be the best qualified to be president. If he is the nominee, I will be very happy and will offer my wholeheardest support. But his campaign is just God-Awful. The clincher today was an e-mail I got accusing Howard Dean of this and that. Sure, there may be truth to it, but it's fodder for the Republicans. No candidate is perfect. No one has been consistent on every issue their whole lives. These are human beings. Dean is far from perfect, and Kerry can even point out legitimate policy differences with him. But to start digging up dirt and sending it out under the official auspices of the campaign is too much for me to stomach. It's Republican. And once Dean is the nominee, it'll be in the RNC ads.

I think the race is coming down to Dean and Clark. Dean will take the first two states, but Clark can still surge in the Feb. 3rd states. I see no scenario in which Kerry can win. I'll be happy to be wrong, but the game is winning now. That's all that matters. Kerry supporters seem to be too willing to let someone as talented as Kerry demean himself with these pathetic, desperate stabs at Dean rather than focus on the issues.

Anyone with any sense of honesty can see that Kerry's sinking, Dean is rising, and when the fundraising dollars come up, Clark will surprise people with a strong showing.

I'm sorry to those I may have let down, but there's been too much denial and I can't afford to spend my time and hard-earned money supporting a candidate with a flailing campaign one month before the votes.

I want to beat Bush. We should all want that above all. And dividing the Democratic party won't achieve that.

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